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Black lips… too dramatic? too bold? too scary? Black lips can be all three, when worn well. Black lips can be really dramatic and bold or add a fierce edge to your scary Halloween outfit. What are your thoughts on this make up trend? Something you’d give a go someday? or are you like these bold celebs below who look hot and already rocking this hot trend! Check out 10 of my favourite black lip beauty looks and links to where you can get the perfect black lipstick below…

Joan Smalls seen here rocking black lips so effortlessly, I like how simple she made this look not so dramatic as you would imagine.

This black lip look was epic on Rihanna, as is every trend on her! Very Ghetto Gothic, a trend she owns so well.

Rihanna had her models at her Fenty X Puma NY Fashion show rocking black lips on the runway, the make up certainly set the tone for her whole collection.

Beyonce is taking all black everything to the max! She is giving me gothic vibes as well as black panther chic. I wonder what kind of mood she was in that day lol

The Black Lipstick Trend is Officially A Thing 3

Christina Milian has successfully made black lips look cute in this casual get up.

Kylie Jenner recently introduced a black matte colour into her Kylie Lip Kit range and by popular demand too. Gorgeous on her.

Black lipstick is gorgeous on Kendall Jenner too, who was spied on the runway at a Giles show in London.

Speaking of runways; actress Denise Vasi turnt the streets of New York into her runway when she hit up the Lanvin show in Lanvin with black lips. Love this look.

Rasheeda off Love & Hip Hop ATL took to the streets in this all black look with gold accents. Dope!

Dark arts: Katy Perry models black lipstick and a sexy corset in her edgy new campaign for the launch of her Katy Kat Collection make-up line for CoverGirl 

I thought Katy Perry looked pretty dope in black lips for her cover girl campaign. I think Black lips are right on the money with blunt bangs.

Now to my findings! Here are the top 3 black lipsticks on the market and links to buy too!

Make Up Forever’s black lipstick seems to be the favourite and most popular; Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Satin Black  at £16

Black Up also do a very nice Satin Black lipstick for a soft but dramatic finish available at £15.

Urban Decay’s Black Matte Lipstick called Perversion, is also a good one for a nice solid matte finish at £15

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