So, the last time it was Tika Sumpter, today it’s Tracee¬†Ellis Ross’s fit that has me sitting on the fence; shade but no shade! I adore Tracee just for the records and I love the colour yellow all year round. But there’s something about this yellow fit that’s just not working for me. I’m trying so hard to love the dress, especially as she designed it herself! What do you think of Tracee Ellis Ross in her self designed yellow dress for the MOCA Anniversary gala below…


I’ll start off with what I love about this look… the colour yellow, the cute purple shoes and lipstick she’s coordinating with, her hair up like that… yep that’s about it!


It’s the fitting I’m confused about…


I say confused cos that sorta looks like a baby bump… just speculating lol


9 times outta 10 contrast collar dresses work with any colour. I think it’s the fitting that has thrown this one off, it’s like a mix between elegance and smart which I don’t think works. Not to mention the clutch…

MOCA's 35th Anniversary Gala Presented by Louis Vuitton - Arrivals

Utmost admiration from me for the design, as much as I’m not a fan of the dress I can appreciate the bold risk Tracee has taken and her wild trendy imagination.


Thank God E! were on the scene, pretty sure this fit will be on Fashion Police, can’t wait to hear what Joan compares her too! Lmao!


I almost contradicted myself here, cos I like the dress from this stance. It works amongsr the midst of black ties or maybe it’s because I can only see half of this pic and I would of preferred if the dress came like this smart, shorter and fitted?

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