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Be it a phase or not Rihanna and her new pink wig are currently inseparable! I predicted that it wouldn’t last longer than a day, boy was I wrong and boy how the pink wig is growing on me! She is making it work! Pairing the pink wig with basic blacks, whites, denim and more pink! Yay or Nay? Are you feeling pink Rihanna or do you think she should try another colour maybe? Looks below…


We’ve seen Rihanna experiment a lot with her hair, but this by far, was the most shocking. Like how often do you see someone with a pink pixie cut? Not very often!

Rihanna shows off her pink hair at Giorgio Baldi

At first glance I was like Nay, but a few outfits later I think I have changed my mind. Yay! After a few outfits I see how the pink wig is practical. All black and a touch of pink, cute?


This outfit is really cute! The pink hair and pink Versace glasses just make it even cuter. A big reasone for the hair working for me is her attitude, that “I-can-rock-anything-and-make-it-work-cos-i’m-Rihanna” type attitude.


Pink hair and prints on paper seems really busy to me, but no, on Rihanna I think it works. Again it’s cute!


When I say I love the pink hair, it’s the type of love where I wouldn’t necessarily wear a pink wig myself, but I do love to see it on Rihanna. And if it did manage to catch on, i’d love to see others rocking the hell out of a pink wig like this! Lol!

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