Kim K is at a stage where she would need to try pretty hard to impress or wow us, as she’s done it all and we’ve seen it all! So I can understand why she would go platinum blonde for Paris fashion week, are you impressed or wow’d by the new hairdo?


At first I thought it was the shock factor that was distracting me and was why I was not in love with the new coulour. But I’m still not in love with platinum blonde on Kim, not only is it a dramatic colour change but the colour just doesn’t suit Kim. I’m so used to her in dark brown hair and her features are way too soft for such a bold colour.


Kanye who is Kim’s biggest fan loves the new hair colour, as you would imagine… still not a fan.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Step Out In Paris

One thing I can appreciate was her Paris Fashion Week wardrobe, I get that some of these looks would not look as great with her darker hair, but that’s still not enough reason for me to love the platinum blonde on her.


Normally blonde hair is quite tricky to dress, so I’d imagine platinum hair is even more difficult. Both the hair and this look is ridiculous.


Whats ironic is that Kim actually inspired me to go blonde and I have not look back ever since. It was the subtle blonde ombre she used to do that inspired me which actually looked good on Kim. I’m so put off by this tho I don’t ever see myself going fully platinum. Ever lol


Her outfits were on fleek, but the hair not so much. Kim’s platinum blonde hair is a nay from me.

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