Another day another celebrity clothing line… I’ve said before I’m always skeptical when it comes to celebrity clothing lines. A lot of the time, we see celebs putting their name on anything! Anything! But Minaj’s debut clothing line with KMart fortunately for her fans does not fall in that category! The collection is not bad and very her! It features bodycon dresses, lots of prints and colours, hoodies, leggings and some Versace inspired pieces. So her right?


Disregard that you can see Nicki in these pieces now, but there things you can see her rocking on a regular day! A tailored line!


When I first heard Nicki was creating her own clothing line, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that thought it would be a big no no; clothing line full of the craziest pieces. But it’s far away from it! This is a very wearable line here!


The denim combo on the left is my favourite! She models it like that but how many Barbz will rock it like that?!  Lol! I cannot wait to see! The collection goes on sale from October.


I’d rock a number of pieces from this line! I’m not just saying either! This combo for instance. I’d wear together and separately! I’d feel like a real Barbz lol!


Some yummy prints! Colours are bold too! Yasss Nicki!


What would a Nicki Minaj line be without her signature hoodies?!


Or what would a Nicki Minaj line be without dresses that showed off her number 1 asset?!


I have so much faith in this line! I have no doubt in my mind that it won’t sell out, there is something for everybody! Plus her fans are cray!


Another combo I’d love to get my hands on! Great together or separately; a cohesive line! Nicki has put work into this line!


All in all Nicki’s line was a little bit of what we were expecting and surprisingly a little bit of what we were not expecting. I think her lines quite impressive for her first; Sexy, Fun, Bold and Classy. Yay! Nicki!

Images: Eonline, mypinkfriday.com


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