Along with her younger sister Kylie, Kendall Jenner made her hosting debut at the Much Music Video Awards. Their hosting skills along with their wardrobe was the highlight of the show, so to speak. One outfit in particular; Kendall Jenner’s Fausto Puglisi red carpet look. The dress featured two extremely high thigh slits, which reveled a lot of flesh and the fact that she wasn’t wearing underwear too lol! What do you think of the dress? Pics below…


I wanna start off by saying how beautiful I think Kendall is, not just on the outside but the inside too. If you watch Keeping Up The Kardashians I think you’d agree with me in that she is a very simple person, down to earth, smart and very grounded. But of recent she’s been turning it up a notch on the red carpet and opting for the sexiest looks! I cannot describe to you how much I would have loved Kendall in this dress if the slits were much lower!!!


Close up. The slits are far too high and leave too much flesh on show, distasteful! There is no way in the world Kendall is wearing underwear, I don’t know if this makes her more comfortable or uncomfortable? But there was definitely some duck tape holding this dress down, you’d be so paranoid you had a slip right??? Front page news lol!


Kendall is a model, a healthy one, not too skinny. But I can make out her skeleton and it is not flattering or attractive. It hurts to Nay this look on Kendall cos she has such a beautiful spirit (like I have already mentioned lol), it’s really nice to see her tap into her sexy side, but this look is not cutting it for me.


Thank God there were no slits on the back!!! LOL! I mean…


On  a brighter note she looked great along side her lil sister Kylie, who I am obsessing over! Adore her style, hair and make up! She has the total package for me and looked stunning in this part sequined, part sheer orange dress! I have my eyes all over Kylie!

Photocredit: The Mirror

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    Nay, too skinny. Maybe on Rihanna

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