I’ve been having a huge debate in my head for the longest time; if whether I love or loathe the Givenchy fold over knee boots! They have a wedge heel which is hidden by a leather fold. What is the point I hear you say? Well its the style, that’s the look Givenchy was aiming for with these. 
Kim Kardashian was the first i saw in them. It was not love at first sight! Infact it was “What the hell is Kim wearing?” at first sight. I later learnt that they were Givenchy and Kim loved them so much she has both the black and nude! Still was not in love with them…
I then see Lala in them, by now I’m warming to them. Very much so; as Lala is wearing them with denim shorts and a blouse. Like this combo! Defo how I would rock them, assuming I had the boots, assuming I was in love with them… at this stage i’m still not in love with them.
Taraji P in the brown! Digging this brown! At this stage i’m really liking the boots with shorts. Kim Kardashian is always wearing them with skirts and dresses. Taraji and Lala introduce a new side to these boots with shorts! Like them with shorts!

BINGO! This is the point I officially fell in love with the boots! I still don’t understand what it is about this outfit that caused me to fall madly in love with the Givenchy boots! But i just know that I want them and want to rock them exactly like this!

“What?! Get outta town!” This was my initial reaction when I saw Brandy in the red! Of all colours Givenchy had to go and produce them in red leather: DOPE! Brandy is rocking them with denim shorts! She knows wassup!
I wonder! I just wonder if this was pre-mediated or a coincidence? Because the Chanel and Givenchy combo is Badass!
Ok Kim! I’m not just getting you, I’m loving you too! This outfit is insane! I call it 50 shades of nude! Its so sexual! lol!
Joan Smalls on the left! She let me down with this look! Note to self; Givenchy boots do not go with satin hareem trousers! Beyonce on the other hand! Performed in the limited edition Fur pair! *throws up the ROC sign* 

More Kim! She’s unstoppable in them! So easy to wear! I see where she’s coming from! Throw on a dress and slip on your boots, your ready to go! 

That’s my Givenchy Fold Over Knee Boots journey so far! LOL! All thats missing in this pic is me!!!

Long live Zara! They have come up with there own version! Not quite Givenchy, but a very very nice attempt! And at a very nice price! Compared to Givenchy’s 4 digit price tag! Ha!

Jeffery Campbell too! They have come up with the Zealot! A very dramatic imitation! I prefer the Zara version, but still not bad and again nicely priced!!!
Yay or Nay?

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    November 20, 2012 at 11:23 am

    I think there better with skirt or shorts nothing more
    there hard to love

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