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It’s been a minute I’ve done this post! I used to do this post weekly, there was that many looks to go through and compare, but times have changed and fashionistas these days would rather be dead than be caught wearing the same thing as someone else Lol! But fortunate for the blog it is inevitable and I’ve compiled some interesting looks to compare and contrast this week, including myself!  Check them out below!

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Kim Kardashian West VS Khloe Kardashian

Sister Vs Sister… They both look fab and I can’t fault either of them, so I’m gonna make my decision based on a technicality lol; Kim wore it first, so she wins this one, plus I pefer the dress with gold sandals.

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Fergie VS Nicki Minaj

I really love this Alexander McQueen combo, both ladies look HOT in the print, but my votes with Fergie, I prefer her choice of shoes and love her hair with this look.

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Kris Jenner VS Jennifer Hudson

I’m going with Kris, easy choice too. Jennifer Hudson was a little too predictable  for me with the over the knee boots, I think Kris made it much more interesting with the tights and ankle boots.

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Christina Milian VS Me

Hmm… how do I say this without being biased lol! I’m going with myself with this one purely because I think Christina has too much going on, the topshop skirt makes such a bold statement, too much accessories makes it look tacky… #noshade lol

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Beyonce VS Kylie Jenner

I’ve seen this stylish coincidence featuring Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, but I wanted to see Bey go up against Kylie. And my vote is still with Kylie, she murdered this look, loving the ankle boots!

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Emily Ratajkowski VS Adrienne Bailon

No one can do any harm in this combo, colours gorgeous! Which makes this so tricky, but I’m going with Emily, her Jimmy Choos are a fav  and I think they look great with the Jonathan Simkhai combo

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Fan Bingbing VS Olivia Palermo

I’m loving this dress more with the extra leg showing so I’m going with Olivia P!!

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Naomie Harris VS Tracee Ellis Ross

Naomie all the way! Look at her silhouette in that suit, flawless!

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Sofia Vergara VS Eva Longoria

Two simple LBD looks, hmm… Eva Longoria based on her shoes, she has a much cleaner simpler look. Which I personally prefer.

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Candice Crawford VS Marjorie Harvey

Marjorie is winning in this dress, her lace up sandals go great and she gets extra points for making this look so fun with the hair!

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    June 15, 2015 at 5:19 am

    Where can one get those kind of crop tops for wholesale in Nigeria? I enjoy your blog,Kudos

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