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Hey Beloveds! So this post is super late! For my birthday a few weeks ago I went to Las Vegas!! I know right; Turn Up City! It truly was! Vegas has been on my bucket list for a while, I’m so glad I can officially tick it off, I definitely plan to go back. Seen as its the BEST place to party and there wasn’t a sober moment in sight; Vegas will be my ideal bachelorette party destination!! I had too much fun with my girls, you know how the saying goes… ” what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” It will! We will take the memories from our wild nights to our graves! (It was that bad!) Apart from the partying there is also a very serene side to Vegas, such as the views; poolside  vibes, palm trees at sunset and the desert which is too beautiful for words! I tried to capture as much as Vegas as I could in pics, check them out below

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I stayed at The SLS Las Vegas which is a new hotel in Las Vegas a little off the strip. Two reasons I went for this hotel; 1. It was designed by the famous Phillippe Starck who is responsible for designing a list of beautiful restaurants and hotels, including the gorgeous SLS Beverly Hill which I’m familar with. This hotel is also know for it’s lively vibe, it attracts a  younger crowd and has a dope pole and a rooftop pool!


The hotel certainly lived up to its reputation! The decor was dope and consistent throughout the entire hotel, which was made up of 3 towers (huge!) I like my hotels bright and clean, which SLS was! There were plenty bars, nightclub and restaurants in the hotel too, on some days it was so tempting to just stay indoors! Everything is practically under one roof!


1st day in Vegas and I was ready to break my Vegas Virginity by hitting the Strip!


The strip is where it all goes down!! You have all the amazng hotels Vegas has to offer on this long road, nightclubs, restaurants, shops, shops and more shops lol!


I think I was on the strip at least everyday! LOL! So much to do and see…


Food was an issue! My diet went out the window completely! I mean…

image6  image23

If your in Vegas during pool season then your daily attire would be a bikini! The weather in Vegas is great, it tends to get super hot in Vegas during the summer (I’ve heard the heat is unbearable in the summer lol) I’ve fallen in love with scuba bikinis, this neon pink and black was one of my favs from New Look!


Poolside chilling… how I spent most of my days….


Then the sun goes down!! How beautiful is this shot?!

image28   image22

And once the sun goes down it’s glam time! Time to take a shower get dressed and hit the clubs!

image21   image27

Tao has to be my favourite place to club in the WORLD! The club is huge, the dj is sick and you meet some amazing like minded people! Like Bradley! Life of any party! Love him to bits!


SLS! They know how to cure a hangover! Room Service was so on point!

image20  image14

Then it’s back to the strip for more adventures… all while being tipsy of course 😉

image26  image29

Luxury shopping at the Venetian!


And on some nights… just gamble the night away and learn that the house always wins the hard way! LMAO!


Late night munchies!!!!


Jet Lag was crazy and it was almost impossible to sleep! But that was okay, I had views like this from my room to day dream from!

image9   image8

Go go go! It’s my birthday!!! Loved my Birthday Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!

image15   image16

Gotta make sure you visit every major pool in Vegas! Caesar’s Palace was our fav!!!


Loved the theme…. When in Rome…


SMH! I’m paying for this now!


Strip hopping in short shorts! Miss the heat!!!


Looking forward to the next destination with these ladies!


Until next time Nevada!!! You were awesome!

More pics on my IG: @ispeaklovee

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