I’ve loved Dawn Richard ever since the days of Danity Kane. Drama aside! I so glad she’s gone solo again, always been in love with her voice and artistry. Her style, her sound;  there’s nothing like her out there. I love that she keeps her music raw and real (check out the lyrics). Her new single Blow is off her new album BlackHeart which is a follow up to her first album; LionHeart which will ultimately be a trilogy! Exciting! Her video for Blow is so so dope! I love the theme and the styling. Dawn is a beast when it comes to performing, so I love that the video is a performance based video and we get to see her BLOW!! No pun intended lol! She SLAYS in this video, the choreography and her body = Banginggggggggg!

Check out the video below, it’s my video of the week!!


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