Nqobile Danseur! Model, Singer, Actress and one third of the multiple award winning dance group C.E.O. Now those are things you already know, bet you didn’t know Nqobile’s style inspiration is Solange, or she’d never be caught dead in a cut out dress, or that she’s been writing songs since 14 and loves to shop at charity shops and cannot live without dark matte lipsticks! There’s more! Guess who her celebrity crush is? All revealed below! Get up close and personal with Nqobile below!

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What do you love MOST about what you do?
What I love most about being a performer is that I get to travel (international shows) and get to see these amazing places where I meet new incredible people. Also it’s rewarding yet humbling that I get to inspire other people, just by following my dreams and doing my job!! 
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Describe your style…
I don’t actually have a particular style as such. I generally love being comfortable and looking good whilst at it. So one day I could be in ‘boyfriend’ jeans, crop top, mesh maxi dress over and platform slides with a messy bun…and the next I could be in a figure hugging bandage dress and stilettos and my hair laiiiid for the gawwwds. I totally love vintage and sexy pieces and pairing them up with super comfy gear. My friends say I dress like a hobo. Haha. I guess we can say my style goes from hobo chic to sexy glam. 
Style inspiration…
Gwen Stefani has always been the woman whose style I totally admire. She’s effortless and cool!! Pharrell is another one who oozes sexiness and COOL! For the past couple of years though Solange has been my go to gal for inspiration, there’s absolutely no flaw about her style because she owns it, always.
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Favourite piece of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe?
My rings. OMG I can’t be without my rings, they add so much to my outfits. If you ever need a ring to spice up your outfit you can always count on me because my fingers are always stacked with rings upon rings. LOL
Favourite trend at the moment?
Totally obsessed with colored hair right now, I plan to go through every color in the rainbow. Hha! No but seriously… I’m very into pastel colored hair at the moment. 
Also the socks and slides trend is definitely one I’m into. I have my platform slides and socks ready for the summer. 
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Trend/Clothing you’d never be caught dead in?
 The cut out dresses. You know, those cut out by the hips, cut out the the vaginal area type dresses that boutiques promote. Everytime I see those on Instagram I just want to scream No, No, NO!!! Stop!
Describe your last purchase…
These really cool reflector sun glasses with a platinum silver rim. They will look so yum in the sun. 
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If you could shop in one shop for the rest of your life where would it be?
Any thrift store/ Charity shop. That’s where I get all my cool amazing pieces from. 
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5 things that are always in your bag?
  1. Makeup bag
  2. Chloe perfume 
  3. Hairbrush
  4. Gum
  5. iPhone Charger
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2 cosmetic products you could not live without?
  1. Vaseline Brazilian Cocoa Butter Oil… It’s heavenly on damp skin. 
  2. Any of my matte dark lipsticks 

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You love your hair best when its….
Freshly dyed and blow dried styled.
Favourite song at the moment?
Sam Smith: Stay With Me 
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Any secret talents?
I write songs, I have done since I was 14/15 however dancing took over my creativity since I became a CEO Dancer / Choreographer.
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How would your friends describe you?
My friends always tease me and say I’m dramatic I add salt n pepper to a story.  Especially Soliat [CEO Dancers] always says I exaggerate every time I tell a story, I should become a story writer. Lol. I guess my friends would describe me as creative and imaginative. I also get called a Unicorn. 
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On your day off, or in your free time your most likely…
To be in my room alone, writing. Especially of late I’ve been inspired to write songs again. It feels good to let out some emotions and energy expressing it through song. 
Celebrity crush?
Samira Wiley aka Poussey from Orange is the New Black. Whew!! She’s so hot!! I can be her prison wife. Haha
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Favourite place in the world?
Monte Carlo Bay, Monaco in France. It’s absolutely beautiful, probably the best place I’ve been to so far. Had the pleasure of going there 3weeks ago when we [CEO Dancers] performed at the World Music Awards. 
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Favourite quote…
Don’t think outside the box, think as if there no box. 
 In love? Follow her here! Instagram: nqobiledanseur – Twitter: nqobile_danseur

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