So London is really getting cold now, the days of pulling of just a tshirt or a cardigan are over! No more showing off i need a jacket like a.s.a.p! So whilst looking, I keep bumping into Cape’s! Hmmm do i smell a trend!!! I sure do!
Cape’s are no longer just for Superhero’s lol. There stylish, practical and there in this season!!! They go with anything literally, its just a matter of pulling it over your head. They make every outfit look fierce! (maybe they do turn you into a super hero!)
Pictured above is Lily Allen in a Louis Vuitton Cape, OMG, I love it, I want!!! Then I got realistic, below are some of my favourite Capes on the high st. at the moment.

More capes when you click below…

Oh and that Louis Vuitton one again *sighs*

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