Almost the whole world watched the spice girls reunion at the Olympics closing ceremony. My eyes were fixed on Victoria Beckham, I shook my head and repeated to myself ‘this woman has come along way!’ She left Spice Girls turned herself into a Household name & a Fashion Icon! Full of class, she stood out from the rest! So does her fashion house! Victoria Beckham dresses are one of a kinds! Celebs adore them! See why below!
Check out Kelly Rowland in VB Spring 2012 dress! Kelly has the perfect shape for this dress! I love that she didn’t over accessorize, you don’t need to! VB dresses are statement dresses!
Jennifer Hudson looks amazing in this VB dress! She’s a big fan! You can tell a VB dress by it’s shape! Victoria Beckham loves to design pencil dresses, so sophisticated!
Yep! Even Beyonce! Victoria Beckham must have been pleased when she saw Beyonce in one of her dresses! Beyonce put her stamp of approval on it with the necklaces and shoes! Mrs Beckham may be skinny but she designs with curvy women in mind!

Nicole Shirzinger is a VB dress fan! Aside from the shape another aspect I love about VB dresses are the choice of colours! Victoria chooses the best colours for her dresses, from bold to simple colours! Like this mocha colour! Love it!

J.LO! Over killing in a VB dress! Love the colour and adore the halter neck and shape!
Yes! Victoria Beckham designs stunning gowns too! Just look at Kim! In love with the colour and the entire flow of this dress!
Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham are besties! So I know she gets them for free! Jealous! But she looks gorgeous in them! She looks like a million dollars in the black dress on the left!
How pretty is this colour! Chery Cole looks HOT in this VB gown! Victoria is a genius when it comes to designing dresses for the red carpet!

J.LO in a nude VB dress! This is a dress! My fav colour ever! J.Lo paired them with nude Louboutins! I think I love her!

Blake Lively is a VB dress fan! I swear she has every dressed released! She looks super hot in them! Black dress on the right is nuts!

Oh Kim! Beautiful and smart! A black VB dress, how clever! It’s a necessity!

NO ONE! Rocks a VB dress better than Victoria Beckham herself! No way! Its the pose, the positioning of her legs and the intensity in her face! Oh my! I’m gassed!

The pose is official! Victoria Beckham is official! Her dresses are official! Christmas 2012! A gift to myself! A Victoria Beckham dress!
Until then we will just stunt in Hybrid dresses! They’re just as sophisticated and I’m convinced they are inspired by Victoria Beckhams designs!

All Hybrid dresses feature the same VB pencil shape and have VB inspired colours!!!
Find them on!

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