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The pajama trend is one I find very bizarre still, and not quite sold on the idea of wearing your pajamas to anywhere other than you bed or a pajama party lol. There are certain elements of pajamas that I can appreciate such as the silk or satin material and in some cases the print. But it’s the style of pajamas that my brain can’t get other. Below are Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and even , take on the pajama trend & they all do a pretty good job in convincing me, check out the looks below… are you feeling this trend or nah?

Now Rihanna was on her way to the studio dressed like this… I love love the pajama set and the slippers, but c’mon admit it this would look better on indoors.

The pajama set she wore back in at the battleship premiere in Japan was more appropriate. I love the print and maybe it’s because she’s in Japan but I think this actually works. It’s giving me Kimono vibes.

The last one from Rihanna lol, but clearly she is the pioneer of this trend; she’s been rocking pj’s for years now. I really like this look and I could actually rock it on casual summers day lol, only beacuse the pajama dress could easily pass for a pink silk maxi lol.

Selena Gomez rocking PJ’s on the streets of Paris… surely this can’t be life! It certainly isn’t fashion in my eyes. She looks like she’s going to bed, my brain can’t interpret it any other way.

This I could totally do! Love Kim Kardashian’s take on trends, she takes it down a notch by simplifying things. But I love this look, perfect for day and night.

Dolce & Gabbana held a huge pajama party in Hollywood in line with their Spring/Summer 16 collection. Nicole Richie was in attendance in D&G pajamas which she wore well, love what she did with her hair.

Jessica Alba getting her sexy and playful on. Love the print, real cute with the cropped top underneath.

Joan Smalls looks HOT! I love the idea of lace teamed up with silk, very sexy team.

Naomi Campbell came to slay in her PJ’s! Love the colour on her and the choker is a great accessory to this look. These ladies will have me accessorizing to bed now lol!

Ok Poppy Delevgine and Joan Smalls look like they are having way too much fun, being a super model must be hard work lol

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