My love for Leather goes beyond a leather dress or a leather skirt! If less is more then leather sleeves on a jacket is A LOT! In love with this trend at the moment! Sowing a pair of leather sleeves on an ordinary jacket and transforming it into an extraordinary jacket! So simple! Why didn’t I think of that? lol! Check out these celeb leather sleeved looks and some of my fav in store right now…

This pic caused a problem! Olivia Pamelro always causes problem! This was all the motivation I needed to get mines! She looks gangsta LOL!

Yikes! So much leather! So much sexy! Leather sleeves on a denim jacket looks dope! With red lips and blonde highlights its even more dope lol!
Yup! Even Alicia Keys! I wouldn’t call her one of the most stylish, but she is begging to differ in this jacket! Go Keys!

Jessica Alba! She totally gets it! Every trend! She gets it!

Stylist June Ambrose! With Floral print trousers? Inspired dot com!
Lala! So much going on with the Camourflage, Jordans, Birkin gosh! Leather sleeves balances it all out! Thank God lol!
Rochelle Wiseman! Heart her! Such a doll! Her jackets too hard tho! I want!!

Will never forget where I saw it first! Her old looks still very hot and relevant today! All hail Riri!

Not just ladies!! All hail Yeezy!
Justin Beiber tho! Looks fly in this! Tripping lol!!
After weeks of deliberation I decided to go with River Island’s version. It was the over sized fitting that won me over!

Only just found out about about Mickey’s Girl! Website’s cray, they have seriously hot stuff! This leather sleeved jacket being one of those stuff! are really going for it! They have all sorts of styles! Worth having a look! You might see one that really tickles your fancy!
I think I love it! ASOS.COM
& the same jacket Rochelle Wiseman was pictured in above from Zara!

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