The return of the dungarees! Dungarees are back on the catwalk, on the rack of high street stores and back on celebs! Yay or Nay? Are you one of those Fashionistas that has always had a love for the denim overalls and have dug them out of your closet…? Or are you undecided about this trend like me…? I’m sitting on the fence with this one, not a fan of how unflattering they are to ones figure but love to see them on people! Some of my fav looks below…

Rihanna for one is sold on this trend! Seen rocking her dungarees with cropped tops on two different occasions. I agree they look best that way.

Selena Gomez looks like she literally threw her dungarees on with the first things she could find. Which works great for a casual running errands type of outfit.

This I really like! Love the way Ashley Madekwe is rocking Topshops printed dungarees. Love the pattern and colour and how simple this entire look is.

Its hard to fall in love with dungarees when you still have people rocking them like this. Don’t get me wrong Heidi Klum does not look bad, its just you tend to associate dungarees them with painters or  construction workers when worn like this.
Think they translate well on stage here for Rita Ora. Unbuttoned with Timberland boots; very dramatic!
Ashley Madekwe almost has me convinced with this look! I think I prefer non denim dungarees lol! They look Fab in leather with a cropped top, especially as there slightly fitted too.


British TV presenter Jameela looks adorable in her short denim dungarees. Nice touch with the blazer and the cute shoes.

Meet Alexa Chung queen of dungarees! She has a different pair for every day of the week lol! These never went out of fashion for her! She’s been in them since the 70’s lol!

I got to give it to Alexa Chung, dungarees look authentic on her! She owns this look! 

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