I’m always noticing something, I’ve noticed that I won’t wear a pair of jeans that are not ripped or have some sort of whole in them. I’ve also noticed this on a lot of my fav fashionistas too. I’m guessing this is where my influence is coming from? That and I love the edge it gives; casually or formally. I’ve noticed a particular a trend in black ripped denim, so rock and roll! I love! Check out some of my fav distressed black denim looks below…


I love how subtle Beyonce’s ripped denim is here, pairing it with a bomber jacket takes me wayy back! She’s just missing a pair of Timberland’s!


Don’t let Kourtney fool you, often referred to as the calm and collected Kardashian. She’s so rock n roll! These jeans are evidence! Could the wholes be any bigger?

Jada Pinkett Smith Pairs Her Long Braided Mane With A See Through Top & Studded Jacket

Ripped black denim and a sheer top is a proven winning combo! In love with Jada Pinketts peep toe booties with this fit aswell!


Brandys on it too! However I could do with more effort with her top half… a more structured blazer or a cropped top maybe?


Demi Lovato loves distressed denim! It’s her go to look! Love this black pair with this extremely cool Acne leather jacket!


Elle Fanning! Super smart! In love with Lime Green coat pairing! From Topshop!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West head to dinner in NYC

You are not committing any crimes pairing black distressed denim with all black! You can do no wrong with this look, infact you are a law abiding fashion citizen LOL!


Erin Wasson! Extreme! Again with a sheer top! Dope!


My Love! Julianne Hough, I would have gone on about how I love this casual look, but she was actually on her way to a party in Beverley Hills. This is formal in Beverly Hills! Must be the ripped jeans and the Hermes clutch! lol


Mary Kate Olsen (So obsessed with the olsen twins I can tell them apart now, at least I believe I can lol), so discreet…

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