Black sheer dress

This is a continuation from my previous post/trend! Not only do sheer dresses look great with white lace but it looks hot with black adornment too! So hot it deserves its own post! This style of dress is timeless! Unlike the white I feel like this style of dress suits a wider range of complexions and figures! Check out these hot sheer black ¬†looks below…

barclays 4040 280912

Adrienne Bailon seems to love the sheer lace combo! Why wouldn’t you? It’s so hard to go wrong with it. Gorgeous with a red lip, again I feel this dress is too long for Adrienne… #justsaying


Guess who else loves the sheer lace combo? JLO! Rightly so, she has a body made for this style of dress! She gets the hair and make up right every time too!


Heres where the black lace and sheer dress is more versatile than the white lace version, it works really well as a shorter dress too! I’m not a fan of Paula Patton but I think this is the first and only outfit I’ve seen and liked on her!

met gala 2012 blue

Beyonce does this! Check out the pose! Love the silhouette here!


As a jumpsuit? Criminal! Kristen Stewart at her best! She loves these combos too, this is her trademark look!


A very interesting number on Miranda Kerr! Adore this by and Gabbana.


This is what I meant by the black lace and sheer combo looking good on all figures. It’s a maternity favourite. I think it’s because the black lace is distracting in a good way and takes little attention away from the baby pump! Clever!


Kim Kardashian opted for a lot of sheer and black lace combo’s during her pregnancy, I’m guessing it’s for the previous reason I mentioned. However I do think she’s a little short for this dress…?


And yes this style of dress can go completely wrong. For instance Paris Hilton’s sheer and black sequins combo. I think it’s revealing way too much, tacky and tasteless…. IMO!


Zuhair Murad does this!!!

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    February 12, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    Love the sheer and black lace combination most.

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