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The coolest trend this summer in my opinion! Culottes! The stylish wide leg cropped pants that give off the illusion of a midi skirt. Culottes work with nearly everything, especially shirts and graphic sweatshirts. Pair them with stylish sandals or pointed pumps! So far I’ve been looking to the streets for inspiration and unorthodox ways of rocking culottes, be inspired below…


A black pair would be the perfect pair to start off with, there not just versatile in that they would work well with nearly everything, but black culottes are also perfect in producing sophisticated looks like this! This all black look is right up my alley 🙂


This look is super stylish; love culottes paired with a good print, paired with a cropped top too is very edgy. I also like that these culottes are high waisted; fancy!


Pleated culottes… Smart or cool? Both!


Epic! The colour and the fabric just epic! In love with the knitwear and the choice of shoes! Yass, she rocked the hell outta these culottes lol!


Not so crazy about denim culottes and that’s mainly because denim can be so rigid, and I think the real beauty in culottes lies in how they look in motion, denim would look pretty stiff. But in saying that, lol, I really like this look, its simple and cute, especially the clogs! Omg, pls tell me clogs are making a comeback, i’m so down!


White culottes are my ultimate fav! They make such a huge statement and could probably make anything you pair them look even better. Love this look too, like the tweed and the sandals!


I think one of my favourite ways too wear culottes is the over sized way. Pairing over sized culottes with equally over sized pieces.


Printed culottes! Depending on the print I think a printed culottes combo would works well. However, personally, this printed combo is a bit too much, I say yes to the culottes on its own…


I think baroque style printed culottes on the other hand work really really well as a combo. Shame she wore hers individually here, she played them down. Much prettier as a combo.

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