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So this post is sort of my tribute to my favourite trends of 2013. Now I use the term “trend” very loosely. I’ve learnt that it’ such a sensitive word especially when you start to explore who dictates or starts a trend and to who what is trendy or not. Hmm.. it gets very messy, so I won’t get into that and just use the term loosely. I think its safe to say if you’ve found yourself wearing any of these looks 2 or more different ways it has been a “trend” this year lol! On that note below I have put together my fav trends of 2013, in no particular order, using some of my fav bloggers and fashionistas!

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Fell madly in love with leather this year. Not to say I was never into leather before, but I’ve seen it in many different new lights this year! “Leather is the new denim” – Victoria Secrets

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White Pumps

White shoes was once a no go area for me, fast forward to now and I can’t get enough of them lol! Love what they do to an outfit, instant chic-ness lol

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The S in slit obviously stands for sexy! Because that’s exactly how I have felt wearing them and showcasing some legs this year. Timeless feature to any style of dress or skirt.

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Denim on Denim

Such a sexy trend! The creativity is in the difference in the shades of denim, the fitting and the interesting pair of shoes you decided to pair this look with.

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It was love at first sight with the silhouette peplum produces, whether worn with a skirt or pants.

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Midi Pencil Skirts

Loved how sophisticated the midi pencil skirt can make one look. Options of how to wear this skirt are endless especially as they come in every fabric known to man lol!

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Ankle Strap Sandals

This style of shoe has caused a lot of trouble, as there so practical and go with everything, Its taken a lot of self discipline not to wear them with everything. The answer has been to get them in as many colours and brands as possible lol

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Boyfriend Jeans

The most comfortable, ever chic, practical style of jeans! I have loved teaming them with a white blouse and the three styles of shoes above.

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Parody T Shirts…

Parody T Shirts have been so fun! Especially when made formal, I can’t get enough of these clever, witty t shirts! Whether on the go or if it’s been pre-meditated I love the finishing look.

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Knee High Gladiator Sandals

I am nowhere near done with Knee High Gladiators. They make such a statement with anything short, from t shirts to denim shorts, whether high heeled or flat!

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It was a delight witnessing the comeback of plaid. Somewhere in our wardrobes we all have this print. It has been interesting reinventing all sorts of looks with this print.

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Over The Knee Boots

I’ve been in love with these ever since I got my first tan leather pair years ago. Over the years they have become more and more stylish with new edgy ways to wear them surfacing. With knitwear is my favourite, at the moment, it is likely to change lol

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Cropped Tops

A cropped top is now a staple item in my wardrobe. Whether for casual or formal purposes I have loved teaming them up with long skirts and trousers.

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Black and white stripes in particular, so basic but bold at the same time. I’ve loved adding  a bold colour with black and white stripes to finish off a striped look.

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Last but in no way least is prints! Whether its floral, baroque, paisley or a graphic, it has given me a pain free headache lol! Loved seeing prints matched or blocked with another print. Is there such thing as clashing with prints?



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