Tracee Eliis Ross

My style crush this week is none other than Tracee Ellis Ross! Yaas! Miss Ross! Acting maybe her passion but it’s not the only one! Fashion is a big passion of hers too, one look at her and it’s pretty obvious! Her style is very bold whether in colour or not, sometimes chic and sometimes unconventional. Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll not only see what great style she has, but hopefully be inspired, as Tracee’s style always inspires me, so does her blog!


Typical Tracee; prints, big hair and a big smile! I like her in prints, by her smile you can tell shes got great energy about her; colourful and playful prints like this are perfect for her.


When she’s not doing prints, you may catch her in yellow! This colour is awesome on her and she knows it. How great does yellow and pink work?


Tracee does pretty very well! Exactly what she is in this dress. Her hair, shoes and accessories are all a perfect touch to this look.

BET Black Girls Rock Red Carpet

Tracee does a good job at owning whatever look it is she’s going for. She has done a great job here at looking at lot younger and playful… in black?! That’s talent! lol!


Metallic! I just blogged about this trend in the previous post. Tracee keeps it interesting, the belt helps mold the dress to an interesting shape. Dalmatian printed shoes? Wow, would never have came to mind, but I like how she made it work.

Tracee Ellis Ross Hermes Birkin 2

Her casual gives me life! Your bound to see a bit of black, but with a twist! The leather pants and shoes with her black tuxedo blazer is the twist here; unorthodox.


I could blog Tracee’s style forever, she’s the type of fashionista that will try out anything and make it work to suit her; my definition of stylish! I love how she has dressed this one arm dress, with her hair in a bun and large hoop earrings!


Tracee is very unpredictable, even though she wears a lot of black, you can never predict what she’ll do with it. Again this is a very pretty  look on her… I love all the detail which Tracee always pays attention too.


Of all the ways to dress this printed jacket, I would never have thought harem pants and a turtle neck. Tracee did!

Chanel Celebrates Highly Anticipated New Concept Boutique

  Printed dresses, Tracee has an eye for them, well at least the ones that will work for her.


Modest but really cute!


Editorial Tracee is an entire post on its own! Her style is larger than life on paper! She brings the Drama!


She gets it from her mama!

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    June 17, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Love her style, would love to see her do something really different with her hair for a change

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