Leader of the new skool! I’m gonna need to copyright that! That’s the title I’ve given her! No one her age comes close in terms of style and individuality! I’m in awe of her style, a style crush on the youngest Jenner is necessary (and in demand on the blog)! I have to constantly remind myself she is JUST 16 years old! You would think growing up in the Kardashian circus that her style would be pretty predictable, which It was. It was only late last year that I feel Kylie Jenner began to blossom and express herself through her style! Its urban, sexy and innocent! To top it off, she is stunning and has striking facial features which she emphasizes with make up: I’m in love! Check her out below…


Simply stunning! Especially in the face! A minimalist when it comes to colour, don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a really bold colour, I don’t need to either. Kylie does monochrome, nude, all black or all white looks very well!


At 16 she already has a thing for Balenciaga, Celine, Givenchy, Christian Louboutin and Isabel Marant! Irrespective of if she has as stylist or not, she works designer pieces well. Love when she mixes them with high street brands like Topshop and ASOS her favs too. This outfit is terribly fierce.

PREMIUM EXCLU Kylie Jenner arrives at party with Kim and Kourtney

Her style creeped up on me! It wasn’t until late last year did I notice that this young Jenner has great taste! I also noticed her great taste in coats, love how she rocked the ASOS coat and kept it neutral from head to toe.


Her style can be so mature at times it makes her look much much much older! Good or bad thing?




She loves a mini skirt or too, but she pulls it off with grace. Plus she’s 16, I wouldn’t wanna be a hypocrite, cos at 16 I wasn’t exactly wearing maxi skirts everyday…


Kris Jenner has some strong genes! All daughters beautiful (and marketable lol) in their own right.


Rockstar 101! Yes Kylie! You better make The Jenners a household name too!


How gorgeous are these lace up ankle boots! Bootgasm!


Yup! Think she has an eye for shoe glam! These Sergio Rossi gold pumps look gorgeous on her feet!


She’s up for taking risks too! I’m yet to see one that didn’t work! Love these pants on her.


Her casual is very casual and very trendy. Floral printed high waisted pants: a must have this summer!


Cali Swag! I’m interested to see where she goes with her style, i’d imagine as she gets older it will get bolder and sexier. I’m also interested to see if she gets influenced by her older sisters and their infamous Hollywood glam. Too early to say, but I doubt it.


Modest on the red carpet, but her confidence is so bold and sexy! All eyes on Kylie!


Angelic in white! The skirts are getting shorter and shorter! Ermm… Kris.


Not resembling her sister/s much, to me she is considered the dark horse of the family! Her awkward beauty is so captivating, makes her so unique and unique is very beautiful. Don’t sleep on this dark horse, especially at the pace she is going! Fashion Icon in the making…

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    April 25, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    YAYYYYY! Finally, Style Crush with Kylie

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    April 28, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    Love that she’s different

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