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Although Kourtney Kardashian is officially my first style crush of 2014! It’s been along time coming! Yes I’m ride or die for Kim (sad but true lol), but I’m true enough to admit that Kourtney may be the most stylish of the Kardashaians! She’s the most quiet (in terms of scandal and the media) but the loudest in terms of style! She takes risks, is experimental, versatile and goes for the boldest colours and prints she can find! Let’s not forget she’s a mother, so her style is also very practical! That’s more than enough reasons for me! I heart her style, she always looks like she walked out of the scene of a romantic comedy lol! Get what I mean below…


Pretty things come in petite packages! At 4.9ft she is packing so much style! In a nutshell this is Kourtney! Glamour and lots of detail!


She always goes all out! If it’s a print; she’ll give you the boldest colours and lots of it! Love her hair with this look!


I think this look for me explains what I meant by saying Kourtney is by far the most riskiest Kardashian! There’s so much going on in this look but it all works out for the good of mankind LOL! The cutest little bag bag I’ve ever seen! I want!


Yass! To her denim on denim! She won for the yellow Celine bag and nude stilettos! I adore this look!


Love how sophisticated and chic this outfit is! Gotta steal this look! Kourtney won’t mind lol!


She’s got an eye for a mean hat! She’s also got a thing for animal prints! I’m noticing a lot! Lol!

Kourtney Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian leave the Dash store

If it’s not a hat its a stylish headband! This outfit is everything Kourt!!!


And if it’s not a headband it’s a stylish turban and Fab-u-lous!! bag!


She wears her shorts seriously short! Love it! Don’t get me started on her accessorizes! It’s a habit of hers!


Her flares are flaredddd! Larger than life! Huge statement! So bold of her!


I usually post 10 outfits when I do a style crush post! But Kourtney is so major! There’s no way I could condense her style into 10 pics! She slays always…


Radd! I need this in my size!!! Lol!


Throwback! Exceptional!!


I could do an entire post on Kourtney’s love for yellow! She believe’s it goes with everything! I’m convinced!



Kourtney Kardashian Style Review


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