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I’m sure I’ve blogged about my obsession with Ciara’s style a while back. Still obsessed! She took a well deserved break when she had her gorgeous adorable baby boy. While she took this break the anticipation for her post baby body and style grew! She crept back on the scene and to no ones surprise she still has her killer abs and killer style! The only thing that has changed is her hair colour, she’s back to back and I’m so inspired! Check her out and 10 of my favourite post baby Ciara looks!


Firstly she has gone back to black! Unbeweaveable! She looks amazing! That hair tho!! Who is her dealer? lol


Known for her tomboy style, I like how she can switch it up when she feels like. Her switch up is sexy, fierce and sophisticated! Loving all the autumn colours in this look.


Givenchy’s muse; it’s no wonder she always slays in Givenchy! I see snake print being a huge print next year! I’m falling in love with it!


I honestly don’t know where to start with this look. Which could be a good thing as I doubt that i’d finish anyway! But know that I’m crazy for this look Ciara!!


Yass to this sheer Givenchy maxi dress. the detailing is so pretty! I’ve always loved and noticed how her make up compliments her outfits so perfectly!

1412155535149_wps_8_30_Sep_2014_PARIS_FRANCE_ (1)

Urban chic! It may not be your thing, but you gotta admit that you love seeing it onC iCi!


Woah! She’ll own anything she wears this woman!

Celebrity Sighting At Paris Fashion Week, Womenswear SS 2015 : September 28th

Love when she goes back to basics with simplified looks like this. Mind you her basic is far from basic!


Still not sold on these Chanel knee pads! Love the creativity behind them but not for me! But Ciara has made them work for me (on her), she has a way of doing that!

Ciara spotted in Midtown

Ciara has loved red since the beginning of the time! She rocks it so gracefully! Love this look! And I see those sexy nude pumps, peaking through!

Ciara arrives at the Valentino show in Paris

More red! Red Valentino lace! I love the fitting and that’s something I gotta give Ciara. Although she sleeps in the gym, your more likely to see her in over-sized fitted pieces that are not so flattering. She appreciates this style and made me appreciate it a lot more too.

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    October 23, 2014 at 9:28 am

    love me some ciara. am in love. i want everything she is wearing most importantly i want that body.

    • Reply
      Funmi Ogunja
      October 27, 2014 at 12:11 pm

      Oh yes! I’m here for her body too! lol

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