Christine Centenera, Fashion Editor of Vogue Australia, I think is my biggest style crush to date! Her style for me is difficult to describe in a sentence! I love her love for black, her formal casual, her use of basics, her simplicity and all the drama in her outfits! There’s plenty of drama, best explained visually! Check her out below… 
She brings an element of fantasy in to all her outfits and they work for her! Love how she rocked the oversized leather pants here! Epic! Fashion for her is not just a job it’s a lifestyle! She’s about that life!

She’s no stranger to colour either! I love how she wears colours with prints! What might look really simple and plain on paper she really brings to life!


She’s got a thing for wearing all black. But I think it goes beyond it’s simplicity. When Christine is in all black she’s always showcasing the many ways you can wear black; sheer, lace, leather etc…
If she’s not in all black, you’ll find her in basic colours, like grey or beige. She has a way of making the most basic colours look bold with her unique ensembles!

Such a basic outfit! The dramas all in her fur jacket! Larger than life, I love it!

The outfit which I think illustrates her “formal casual” style. She’ll make a really casual outfit formal, with dramatic pieces! The drama here is all in the sweatpants and the blazer!

I’m guessing Christine is one of those Fashionistas whose outfit doesn’t necessarily dictate her mood. Cos Christine is always feeling grey. This outfit: too cute!
What’s that I hear you say Christine? “Layers are cool” Coolest on you!!

Excites me when she wears colour! LOL! Would love to be a fly on the wall in her wardrobe! Buzzzzz…
She looks adorable in pretty prints or floral! She’ll add her twist by adding an interesting pair of shoes, there’s always an interesting pair of shoes!

Having also worked with Harpers Bazaar Magazine for 10 years and now Vogue. Christine is a huge contributor to the launch of Miss Vogue, she is also a freelance stylist and has styled Lana Del Ray. She has also caught Kanye West’s attention, he hired her as the Fashion Consultant for his new women’s clothing line. Credentials….

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