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1st post of 2014! Yay! Wishing everybody a Happy, Healthy and Stylish 2014! Ok so before we get into the swing of things I wanted to introduce a new feature on the blog: Street Style 101! Where we take it to the streets, literally lol! Inspiration is everywhere, I draw A LOT of inspiration from passers by on the streets, especially when I’m in the trendy parts of my city, you know, those outifts that make you look twice lol. Well check out these looks below and look forward to weekly #StreetStyle101 posts xo xo


Lets start off with some colour! Yes pls to anything neon! Especially if your gonna colour block with it like this! The neon green looks delicious!


Black and white too basic for you? No way! The detail in the jacket is crazy! Love how she paired it, wish I had a side view pic of her monochrome  trousers; tres dope!


Leather pants and a white blouse will always be a perfect team! Love that she made this look larger than life with the oversized fittings! Her lips are popping too!  Too cool!


Taking it to the max! Love all the elements she’s working with here: Knitwear, Plaid, Boyfriend Jeans and Pastel coloured shoes! Yum!


Ordinary? But there’s something extraordinary sweet about this look! Maybe its the shoes! It’s got to be the shoes! They just might be the prettiest shoes I have ever seen!


What an interesting but really cool and relaxed way to wear plaid trousers! It totally works! Love this ensemble!


Black and white has never looked so fierce! My Fav element in this look is that clutch bag! Love how it brings everything together and would probably go with everything in my wardrobe!!!


My look of the week! I love pink when worn like this! With a softer palette! Her booties and then the trousers! Defo the year of stylish trousers for me!


Thought this outfit was very interesting! A pleated skirt  over a shirt dress! Love the layered effect and I’f I didn’t look twice would of sworn it was a dress.


Last look! Smart – casual! I see these boyfriend shorts being a huge hit this summer! Love the slouch effect! Envisioning them with a hot blazer and some killer heels! Hey but that’s just me… lol!

Credits: Thank you NYC! Photos: Streetpeeper

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    January 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    Hello new feature! Love it x

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    coco brodyjenner!
    January 10, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Yaaaaay!!!!! Finally found the blog of my dreams!!!!!! No bashings!!! No unnecessary gossips!!!! No hate!!!! Nothing but pure delight!!!!!!! Happy 2014 funmigunja me love!!!!

    • Reply
      Funmi Ogunja
      January 10, 2014 at 5:10 pm

      Yaaasss! You hit the nail on the head with your description lol! Welcome beau xxx

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