Beyonce ox

Beyonce ox

Yaaas! Beyoncé is giving me too much life in this picture, I don’t know what she’s filming and I don’t care. Whatever It is I am highly anticipating it. Beyoncé seems to have pulled out all the stops for this shoot, from her bleached blonde hair to her sexual lipstick. This colour can easily be mistaken for a popular shade of berry but clearly it’s not, someone has gone to the effort of getting a shade identical to her oxblood jacket. Moving onto this exquisite piece of outerwear (lol it’s making me emotional) It’s Burberry and will set you back a staggering $3,195 (£2000) God forgive me but it’s worth every penny lmao. As expensive as it is, the jacket is unlined and semi-transparent (oh the irony!) it also includes gold metal paneling around the collar and pockets. Beyoncé finished off this uber-edgy look with a pair of metallic pointed pumps. 5 stars all round!


Comeback worthy or not? Your thoughts!

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