Solange’s Ankara Swag

So Solange, Beyonce’s younger sister, is really into Ankara (an African wax fabric), it seems like whenever she’s out shes in it! From red carpets to magazine shoots, you can constantly find Solange embracing her African side. Solange can also be found sporting her natural hair with an Afro which I think looks adorable on her & goes well with the Ankara. Below are some pics of Solange sporting an A Boxing Kitten “Tam Tam” Dress, $315 at her DJ set @ Tao Beach Miami.

Now the dress is nice, but c’mon its not worth $315, my tailor can do this style for less than half of that price lol!
I also spotted Solange in an Ankara cropped top on the set of a Honey Mag photo shoot, real cute!

Last one promise…lol…also caught her in an ankara head tie and shorts at her FashIzBlak magazine shoot below 🙂

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