I hate sad news & normally wouldn’t blog about it! But this is too close to home. I knew Claudia!
Claudia Aderotimi 20, lost her life after an illegal ‘Bum Implant’ surgery went terribly wrong. The procedure involves injecting silicone into the bum. Claudia travelled from London to Philadelphia, America to have this done by a “doctor” in a hotel nearby the airport. It is thought that an illegal industrial type of silicone was used and mistakenly injected into a vein. Claudia began to have serious chest pains after being injected with the silicone, was rushed and later died in a Hospital in Philadelphia on Tuesday 8th Feb.

R.I.P Claudia

I knew Claudia to be a charming and very ambitious girl! I’m sad that shes gone but even more sad about the way she left. My condolences go out to her family, all types of deaths are hard to deal with! But how do you deal with a death caused from make-believe imperfections, its almost suicide.
But really people are blaming Nicki Minaj???? Indirectly and subconsciously maybe. But this is bigger than Minaj! Its society who is mainly to be blamed and by that I mean everybody and every institution that dictate what is beautiful and what is not, sadly we are all victims to it, its just that some are more weaker than others. I hope there is someway we can turn this into a lesson learnt or at least a warning…

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