ARE YOU WATCHING??? 2 episodes in and it’s official! With over 10 million viewers tuning into the premiere and the second episode breaking records too… you’ve either heard of it or are watching the hot new series! Empire is an urban drama series starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson. I use the term “urban drama” loosely, as I can think of a few other ways to describe the show… a musical maybe? as the show features a lot and is about music. Music, Power and Family to be precise.

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I’ve watched the show and honestly; I think Empire is good TV!!!  At first I thought there was too much going on and could not easily figure out the main plot. But after watching the second episode I now appreciate that there is so much going on in the show (It’s what makes the show  interesting!!) and understand how all the mini plots connect to the main.

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So far Empire touches on a lot of social issues such as interracial dating, homophobia, mental illnesses and that’s so far. I’m pretty sure there’s more to come too. It’s interesting to watch and it’s even more interesting to see what sort of reaction it provokes a midst it’s black audience, who are normally not exposed to these issues through TV shows like this.


If you haven’t watched the show you may have heard of the comparisons with Power series. Power is a drama series which airs on Starz and is produced by 50 cent, who also brought the comparison to light. Now I watch Power and I love it! But I can’t compare the two, there totally different. If I had to find a comparison (only cos I wanna understand 50 cent lol) it would be the Power struggle in both series. But that’s petty because a majority of drama series feature “Power struggles”. If anything 50 cents comments back fired on him, it only made me anticipate Empire more and look out for the “similarities” lol. Can’t we all just get along and watch the two???


Below is a link where you can watch and catch up on Empire. Enjoy and if you have a min, drop by and lemme know what you think…

Watch Empire Episode 2 here

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