Another day and Rihanna is trending for another reason! Today’s reason; not so controversial… maybe. Rihanna graces the cover of Harpers Bazaar Magazine: Arabia! Besides the fact that Rihanna is slaying as usual and is (in my opinion) the prettiest girl in the world, I’m loving this shoot for reasons besides that. She’s all covered up!! “Rihanna of Arabia: The new modesty, cover up in style” that is as shocking as seeing her naked! As I can’t count the times I’ve seen her topless lately! Pics from below…


What do I love most about Rihanna? Her eyes! There so seductive and because of this so prominent in every single pic! She don’t need to show flesh! Her eyes alone are enough, exactly how i’m interpreting this shoot.


It’s them eyes again! The shoot was shot by her new fave, Ruven! I can totally see why he’s her fav too! He captures the enchanting essence that is Rihanna! Stunning!


How are you all covered up, literally and still sexy?? She knows her angles, knows her body, is comfortable in her skin and confident! : Its SEXY!


Wow! I’m sorry but Rihanna is a Goddess!


I’m loving the Rihanna of Arabia! She’s full of so much class!


She can make everything work! And I’m sorry if I sound obsessed (I swear i’m not lol), but I’m not gonna sit here and play this down! I just can’t!


Fabulous! She always leaves us wanting more!

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