I don’t think I’ve introduced my RealiTEA side to the blog lol! Well it’s real yo! I’m a Reality TV Junkie, I watch them all! No kidding, it’s my guilty pleasure. SO… Real Housewives of Atlanta returns with season 7! Boy Oh Boy! Have you seen the trailer?! Lets just say by the end of it I ran to my calendar to mark the date Nov 9! Going by the trailer we can expect everything from Nene and Cynthia working on their friendship, Porsha being dropped from “housewife” to “friend” on the show, Phaedra allegedly cheating on her husband; who by the way is off to jail to serve an 8 year sentence for fraud, Kenya’s up to no good as usual, two newbies; Claudia and Demtria, plus your usual beat faces, laid hair, shade throwing and a cat fight or two!!! *exhales* Below…

Yaaasss! My TV has missed all the drama! Lol! I’ll see how I can incorporate more of RHOA into the blog as the seasons start! Until then RHOA 7! Nov 9! xxx

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