The Reunion The Reunion! Real Housewives of Atlanta is in its 6th season and Part 1 (just part 1) of it’s reunion had a record breaking 4.3 million viewers tuned in (that’s not including the millions who watched online by the way lol)!  The reunion was eventful to say the least! There was blatant tension between the ladies on the stage, a lot of shade thrown, confrontations and sadly it got physical! I’m not here to dwell on all that (you’ll need to check out a tabloid blog for that), I’m here to look on the fabulous brighter side: which is that everybody looked gorgeous in their own ways! Check out  all the glamour that Kandi, Nene, Phaedra, Kenya, Porscha, Cynthia served below!


Lets start off with Cynthia and Kenya who I thought both looked equally stunning! Cynthia in Alexandre Vauthier and Kenya in J Mendel. Cynthia’s dressed I like but figured it’s one of those dresses that look even more stunning in person or in motion. However as much as I loved it, I did not feel it was appropriate for TV, she had a nip slip and her right boob was on show! In her defence I’m sure being in the midst of a fight never crossed her mind when picking a dress smh.


It’s an extremely sexy dress and you don’t get to see it in all it’s glory while Cynthia is seated throughout the show, which is a shame…


For me Kenya Moore was best dressed (best dressed, not best behaved lol), I adore her J Mendel gown! I loved the shape and although she was seated (for the majority of the show lol) and we couldn’t see the entire silhouette the bustier was gorgeous enough! Loved the structure, shade of red is perfect against her complexion and the hair was perfect for the dress!  My best dressed.


Now Porscha looked good, her hair was gorgeous! She was the only one in Couture, which is quite sad; fighting in a couture gown? *tut tut tut* Her gown was a Ralph & Russo creation, part sheer, part embellished! Stunning! Also spotted on Carrie Underwood who did the gown just as much justice as Porscha did!



The infamous Nene Leakes! Such a shame she has been getting so much backlash on her wig everybody is overlooking her gown, which I love! The pink is delicious!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6

Its a big shame; Nene did this Marc Bouwer dress no justice at all! She looked miserable in it, that and the colour clashed with her ugly attitude! Let me stop, I’m all in my feelings lol! But for real, she should of went for the black, which the dress came in. It would have suited her mood and she would have still looked good…


I can see Nene in this! With her short hair, whatever the attitude still looking good in it!


Kandi’s dress I could not find anywhere, which is a shame because I loved it on her! Petty faults, like her black bra was showing underneath: that could have been easily avoided and I wish she opted for a different hairstyle, like a ponytail would of been stunning. The Southern Belle, Miss Phaedra parks, looked good in Dolce & Gabbana. The pale blue is a good colour for her. I’m glad she got it right with the hair and went for an up-do as to having it down and taking attention away from the elegance in the gown.

34370011_11_R x354

Phaedra brought the dress to life no doubt! Her accessories were pretty, perfect dress choice for her!

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