As a ¬†Beyonce Fan I’ve been racking my brain thinking; “5th studio album… Hmm… how is she gonna top the last ballad, or the last male bashing song, or out do herself with choreography, or what look could she possibly slay in?” Cos she has practically done it all! Well last nite at 12am Beyonce answered all my questions in one go! Literally!

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Never been done before! Without any sort of promo Beyonce released a 17 track, visual album! Self entitled featuring collabos with her hubby; Jay Z, awesome singer/songwriter Frank Ocean and one of the greatest rappers that ever did it: Drake! Christmas came early for me! I did not even to have a look at that tracklist! I downloaded the entire album instantly!


I love that she named the album after herself because that’s exactly what you get! It’s a great body of work! And Beyonce has done a great job in making good music, without sounding outdated, which If I’m honest I was a bit skeptical about! Her music is maturing as she is, but while still appealing to a younger generation I feel. She has worked with an interesting line of producers from Pharrell, to Drake, Timbaland, Hit Boy & Justin Timberlake. So many songs stuck out to me, especially her collabo with Nigerian Writer; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Flawless!


If I had to pick a favourite song, I wouldn’t cos I can’t, well not yet! But; Rocket, Mine, Drunk In Love, Superpower, XO, Partition and No Angel have already made my most played list, in just a day!


Like her husband, Beyonce has definitely set new rules and shook the industry up a little ( I lie a lot lol)! Selling and marketing albums will never be the same again! Beyonce did that! It will be interesting to see where she goes from here. She’s shot all the videos already and finishing up a world tour. If your a Beyonce fan: you’ll love this album! It will be interesting to see how the fellas feel about this album too! Guys… your thoughts pls? Lol!

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