Teen Choice Awards are on my annual awards anticipation list! No it’s not because I’m a big kid at heart lol! The red (or in this case blue) carpet is always an interesting one! Stars on the red carpet are expected to dress appropriately as a majority of the audience are kids and teens, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be on trend or sexy, which a lot of celebs often confuse! So lets see which ladies got it right this time around, best and worst dressed picks also below…


Slightly disappointed in my fav; Sarah Hyland. She’ giving me plenty face and the hair is lush but her outfit is not saying much to me at all. I love that she went for sequins; sequins are always fun! But i’m not loving the fitting of the dress or the shoes with it.


It’s always and “Awww” when it comes to Taylor Swift. She looks seriously cute here. I love the colour blocking here too; lime green and yellow go great together. Cropped tops are a popular choice. it’s easy to play it safe with as well be fun and sexy with.


I love the voice, but not the style i’m afraid. It’s cute, the hair’s a bit much and it get’s boring after a while. Same ol Ariana, nothing new here, moving on lol…


Yaaas! Jordin Sparks! The print is everything! I love how subtle she was with accessorizing; the belly chain is a perfect touch! Wish her hair was dead straight tho, or is that me asking for too much?


Showstoppers! The Jenners and Kim Kardashian West. Don’t think they lived up to the showstoppers title on this occasion. I think Kendall’s outfit is a bit too matured and grown for her and I don’t think  she quite pulled it off! Kim looks cute, not sure about the shoes. Kylie went for a more casual look, which works, I’m all for Kylies sultry, effortless casual.


Love! Chloe Grace Mortez! Short suit, bandeau and coordinating ankle straps; spot on!


I also love this combo on Hailee Stienfield. Mixing fabrics is predicted to be a huge trend. The shoes are really cute with the ensemble, just wish she pulled her hair back, so we could see more of her beautiful face and get a sleek silhouette.


Bella Thorne! Flawless! The dress and the blue is gorgeous on her!


This defo was the year of co ordinates! Love this one on Nina Obrev! This shade of pink is everything. Love that she went for a messy braid with the hair.


My definition of perfect is when I can see myself in the complete same outfit not changing a thing. Which is how I feel about Lea Michelle in this gorgeous colour block dress and silver metallic  sandals.


Which brings me onto my best dressed! I’ve gone for Zendaya Maree. Pink looks amazing on her. When your going for monotone looks it’s hard to get your colours matching perfectly, but Zendaya didn’t have any problems in that department. I adore the hair and love that she went for something different for the purpose of this look, as it works so well. The dress is so pretty on her,  love the design.


Such a shame. Was banking on Hilary Duff giving me way more than this. I don’t love everything together and almost made her my worst dressed.


Turns out Selena Gomez is my worst dressed. Hear why; of all the places to wear a black really smart and sophisticated jumpsuit to, she picks the teen choice awards. I think  it’s boring and so inappropriate. She’s clearly trying to make a statement here… “I’m maturing into a woman and I’m not a lil girl anymore”… blah blah blah, we know. But this was an opportunity where she could let her hair down and make that same statement, but in a playful, sexy way… she totally wasted it. Bleh!


For example! Demi Lovato! Grown, matured, short and sassy, in all white, with gold accents! Class!


Or Lucy Hale. The red and the fitting of the dress is fierce and matured, but the style and shoes are fun! She looks great!

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