The MTV Movie awards are always fun! Literally, it’s lots of fun to watch the energetic ceremony. I would expect everybody on the red carpet to follow the fun theme and dress accordingly. They received the memo! as a majority went for bold, fun looks! Check them out, plus my best and worst dressed below…


This is exactly what I meant by bold and fun! I have fallen in love with Jessica Alba all over again for this look! Love the colour of her chartreuse skirt!  Very trendy!


Rhianna looks like she is going to bed, a look she herself has overdone! I’m not in love with it, Rhianna seems un-bothered these days, which is sad. Have we really seen it all from Rihanna? That too is a sad question.


Rita Ora. Her hair and make up is flirtatious and therefore fun, her dress: the dangerously low plunge makes it very much bold! I like this look a lot! On point!


Lupita in Chanel! Gorgeous! I love the blue shoes and the extensions! Way to go! My best dressed infact! For the stand-out-most-unique-sophisticated- but playful- look of the nite!


It all got confusing for me when I came across Miss Iggy Azalea. I like the John Galliano dress, but I can’t get my head around the shoes, uhn uhn I refuse to!


Never thought the day would come. But Chrissy Teigen is my worst dressed for the night. It’s not that she looks terrible, but terribly inappropriate. She is not 16 and this is not Prom… *sorry*


   Nicki Minaj! In all black! Love the silhouette the Alexander McQueen dress is giving her! The gold accessories were a job well done, I read somewhere someone say their fav accessory in this look was: Nicki’s attitude lol! I agree, would not have worked otherwise!


Shailene Woodley in Balmain, colours dope! Plenty justice done here!


Victoria Justice in Versace! Perfection!


Zendaya Maree, I feel how she looks. Slightly disappointed, not feeling this dress and so the entire look. I was expecting the most from her…

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    April 17, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Rita ora best dressed for me

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