Met gala 2014

It’s the biggest and most stylish night in New York! The Met Gala hits New York with a brand new theme each year. The theme aspect of the night is my favourite, I love to see who incorporates the theme and how they interpret it. This years theme was “White Tie & Decorations “. As usual, it’s not everybody that sticks to the theme, even though they still look great… Hmm.. Check out highlights from the red carpet, all the dresses and designers, the who’s who in Fashion, my best & worst dressed and my fav couples below…


Gabrielle Union in Prada.

Disappointing. Not one thing I like about this Prada ensemble on Gabrielle. There’s too much going on, it’s distracting and confusing. Her hair and make up too does not help. I’ve seen Gabrielle look 10 x better at her film premieres, how did this happen?


Jessica Alba in Diane Von Furstenberg

First, what I like about this look, overall I love all the golden tones; from her hair, to the make up, to her dress and accessories. My only issue is that it’s not a memorable look, which makes me feel as if  Jessica was a bit under dressed? It’s definitely missing the fierce factor which I would expect from everybody at the Met Gala.


Erykah Badu in Givenchy

Love it! Love how she interpreted the theme, she’s not only added an elements of decorated white, but she’s remained true to her self and style. This is what it’s all about to me!


Janelle Monae in Tadashi Shoji

Another person who kept it real and stayed true to there infamous style for me was Janelle, she is the monochrome Queen! The touch of red in the form of a cape I think is beautiful!


Frank Ocean in Givenchy

Frank Ocean is adorable in a suit, I could do without the frowning tho, he always looks pissed off lol!


Solange in Phillip Lim

Solange was on my most anticipated list! She looks ok, love the colour of the dress. Not convinced with the hair tho, looks unfinished and doesn’t sit well with the dress…


Lupita Nyongo in Prada

I was anticipating Lupita as well. I must admit i’m a lil disappointed here. Not sure whats going on here but there’s way too much. I think I would of  like this look if she loosed the headband and changed the shoes…


Rita Ora in Donna Karan Atelier

Rita?!! What happened? My worst dressed unfortunately! Team too much right here! Especially with the gladiators and whatever you wanna call that on her arm. A mess if you ask me…


Joan Smalls in Vera Wang

Oooh! I live for this colour! So delicate, love the detail and the slit in the centre. I like that she went for purple lips, it’s fun and in an odd way it kinda works. The french braid is a beautiful touch too.


Kendall Jenner in Topshop

I don’t think Kendall got the memo, she looks bridesmaid instead of High Fashion. Not impressed at all…


Anne Hathaway in Calvin Klien

  Pure Class! Love the minimalism in this ensemble. A very simple silhouette. I like that she kept her chest bare with no necklace, it allows the outfit to speak for itself.


Maggie Q in Zac Posen

Perfection! Cannot fault this look in any way! Love how the hair, make up and jewels compliment this look perfectly!


Rihanna in Stella McCartney

My best dressed! And it comes as no surprise! Rihanna not only went with the theme but she executed it perfectly, loving the diamonds. Its a fierce and memorable look! Love the shoulders on the cropped top and all the draping on the skirt. Flawless!


Cara Delevigne in Stella McCartney

Cara was also in Stella McCartney, hmm… how do you feel about ladies wearing trousers to the Met Gala. I’m on the fence with it, way too casual for me.


Taylor Swift in Oscar De La Renta

Pretty in Pink! Taylor Swift looks pretty as usual, the dress is gorgeous on her,  love the train and all the detail on the dress. However I’m not in love with the red lip and wish she went for a pop of pink instead.


Naomi Campbell in Givenchy

Hmmm… the jury is still out on this look for me. I think the amount of cleavage on show is distasteful and she looks like she has candy floss for sleeves… not loving this look at all.



Chanel Iman in Topshop with ASAP Rocky

One of my favourite couples at the moment! I love that Chanel is in Topshop, it’s exciting to see this high street brand on the red carpet and which celebs are fans. ASAP Rocky looks extremely neat! He has a way of styling his hair and making it work with a suit, this totally works for me, love the vintage feel he’s taking on with his suit.


Kim Kardashian & Kanye west in Lanvin

The Wests! I was expecting much more from Kim if I’m honest. Love the colour of her dress and that’s about it, like the style of the dress but not on her, I think she’s too short for the dress. Kanye on the other hand I cannot fault! Love his suit, the fitting in particular.


Carmelo and LaLa Anthony in Cushnie Et Ochs

What a hot couple! LaLa is owning the purple, colour looks stunning on her, coupled with the dark lips. The dress is an interesting one, i’m liking the cutout a lot.


David Beckham in Ralph Lauren and Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham

Looking Royal & Regal in white! Love how simple yet chic Victoria’s dress is. Some might say it’s a bit too simple for the Met Gala, but VB  is a minimalist and is staying true to her understated style here. Mr Beckham is still one of the sexiest men alive too!!


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Vintage Chanel

Yes they are a couple! There twins and I love this twin thing they’ve got going on, where they always compliment each other. I think they look dope together!


Jay Z and Beyonce in Givenchy Couture

The Carters! Jay Z looks dapper and Beyonce beautiful. I actually love everything about her dress and think she looks great in it. But and there’s a but, something’s missing here, can’t put my finger on it, but her look is not that memorable compared to some of the other looks to grace the red carpet. Loose the head wear maybe and be a bit adventurous with the hair and wild with the make up?…



Emma Stone in Thakoon

I’ve been asked my thoughts on some looks i’ve left out… So! Emma Stone! Adore the pink colour blocking! There was a lot of cropped tops on the red carpet this year which was interesting to see. I like the look but don’t think its fierce enough for the Met Gala, pretty but not fierce…


Selena Gomez in Diane Von Furstenberg

Was not blown away by Selena, thought I would be. In love with the colour of the dress but that’s about it. If i’m honest I find the dress quite boring, too boring for the Met Gala…


Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte

Major props to Kirsten for opting for something unusual. I actually like the dress and its print. The hair and make up is perfect for the dress. I’m not sure a lot of people could pull of this dress like Kirsten has, well done to her for daring to be different!

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