Before Beyonce embarks on her (in my opinion “make or break”) Mrs Carter world tour! She’s getting it in with her hubby in Cuba for a romantic getaway before she hits the road. I know right, whats so romantic about maximum security and 24hrs Paparazzi? Besides the point. Beyonce’s holiday outfits are a perfect example of how Trendy prints are this spring! She’s been showcasing all different types of prints and print blocking on this trip! 
I can’t stress how much she looks like Solange in braids or how much they look like each other in braids! Jay Z’s outfit had me giggling for a while! He sure is getting old lol! But back to the matter, another delightful printed outfit. Not really figure flattering, but it doesn’t always have to be. Beyonce is not the most stylish, but she has a few trends up her sleeves!

Beyonce did an amazing job in bringing these outfits to life! Starting to feel like there’s no such thing as clashing when it comes to prints, the louder the better! The more prints, the more stylish! That being said, I need more prints in my life lol! 


Beyonce looks so funky in braids! In prints too. This colour combo is gorgeous! Stand out colour and print!

The last outfit was by Milly Resort and you can see why Beyonce fell in love with the outfit! So sure she got Blue Ivy a matching dress too! So adorable!

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