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Trend-spotting this week has been very interesting! As is every week, there’s never a dull moment in Fashion lol! Noticed a lot of coloured looks and lack of! Hard to tell if it’s for festive reasons or just for the love of a bold look? What do you think? Whats your fav look of the week? Do you disagree are there any looks your not feeling this week? Below!


I’d love to start off with Beyonce! Because I’m having a huge shoegasm over here! Her Kurt Geiger patent red pumps are just everything! I love how she rocked them too, I see the cow print making such a huge comeback next year?


I also loved this fit too! Her shoes are not my favourite but I’m here for her jacket! So rock n roll, get up and go! Don’t we all have those days!


Next! Alicia Keys! I spotted her in 2 outfits I thought she looked hot in! First this electric blue suit, minus the fitting I really like it, especially with the hair. So Elvis!


Yasss Alicia! In a beautiful yellow by Stella McCartney! Looks gorgeous on her!


Miley Oh Miley! You either love her or slightly dislike her (hate is such a strong word) Lol! Cos she has given us no reason to hate her! She looks good here in a Calvin Klein ensemble! Love the length of the skirt especially.


Quite a number of fashionistas are out in Miami for the Art Basel. Cassie being a lover of Art is there too! And I adore her cutefit! Simplicity.


Contrary to Cassies simple is Angela Simmons formal! In a gold sequins dress! Festive.


More from Miami! Nicole Richie is turning heads! For all the right reasons in blue and white! Love the trousers!


Miami Nights! Obsessed with this outfit! The skirt looks great with the top and shoes! This is how to do sexy and classy.


From Miami to New York! & it’s still cropped tops and long skirts. Weather friendly (cos NYC is freezing!) its a knitted crop top and I’m pretty sure shes warm underneath the skirt too lol


Leona Lewis in all black! Her hair! Love that she’s stuck with it for the longest, cos it really does suit her! Love the fitting of her trousers and the tuxedo coat.


Nicole Sexinger dining at her favourite spot in London in her fav colour! Rightly so, as she looks good in black! The sheer lace cutout top is beautiful no?


I think the super talented! Sevyn Streeter looks spicy in this black cut out dress! She has a figure made for this style of dress!

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