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Time where I get to look at and in some cases drool over what some stylish men have been rocking lately! Check out below a few good stylish men and what trends they have been spotted in below….


One of the trendiest MF alive! Lol! Quote me!!! Love how he dropped the tartan printed jacket! Oh so well!


Wanna know how champions dress? Well…. The Champ! Undefeated! Charming!


Always fly! Digging Pharrell’s unique hat and custom Timberland collection!


What I love most about Common’s style, is that as much as it’s very trendy he’s always always neat with it! Miss his beard, but I get it cleaner… neater looking.


I used to go crazy for Tyson Beckford in hot pink trousers! But it’s not exciting no more, it’s border line bleh lool! Or maybe it’s just this look or the fitting….


Huge fan of Cee Lo Green! I admire him so much as an artist that I admire his style too, Fresh no?


Usherrrr! I love you enough to love this afro! I really don’t tho lol! But I do love you in grey.


Lamar Odom, sporting a T shirt from his own line. I would have never considered him that passionate about fashion to create his own line. It doesn’t show, I never saw it…


Now Kanye West is a stylish man that excites me always! As simple as this look may seem I appreciate the simplicity and the attention Kanye has probably paid to detail!


Last but in no way least. Will You Are lol! His style and taste for unusual fittings fascinates me!

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