Any excuse to talk about Beyonce really lol! A picture from her H&M campaign, which she is not just modelling for, she apparently helped design some of their spring/summer pieces! Lots of nude pieces, yay! My fav colour lol! Can’t wait to see, buy and wear lol! Beyonce’s been in the headlines for one reason or another lately, all preparation for her sell out Mrs Carter World tour! All eyes on B!
Beyonce’s daughter is also making headlines. The adorable Blue Ivy is coming out the closet literally! No more hiding her face! Instead she is super stylish, stunting like her father in camourflage and Timberlands awww! Beyonce has been getting a lot of backlash from critics AND fans! For her “Bow Down” and “I Been On” songs! I can understand where the critics are coming from in that their confused with where she’s taking her music, but I don’t understand why her fans are mad?! “Bow down bitches” is not directed at the fans!!!

When Beyonce says “Bow Down Bitches” she’s referring to any and everybody who has ever doubted and slept on this!!! Show me another person with more soul or stronger vocal chords than this!! 

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