Been a while I did an #OOTD post! This outfit was from over the weekend, one of those busy up to no good weekends to be honest lol! Denim shorts, a blouse and some over the knee boots! I’m not even gonna front, i’m in London at the moment and its not one the warmest places to be. But that’s what the boots are for, there trendy yes but they keep you warm too. My tan suede knee high boots are from Office! Got mad love for denim shorts, I’m very particular with them too. These are the newest to my collection. Vintage distressed Levi Shorts, the name alone turns me on lol! My blouse is from New Look and my Moschino Belt from www.netaporter.com this belt brings new life to all my outfits! This outfit is inspired by Ciara, not sure if you’ve noticed, but she’s obsessed with this combo!

CiCi! Heart her! Heart the way she rocks denim shorts too! Almost always with boots! Over the knee boots or thigh high boots, I’ve seen her in all types! She always rocks them with a t shirt too, a white one?! hmm… interesting! But yeah! Ciara owns this look!

Get a few request on where you can get some really hot over the knee boots. It’s a tricky one, cos you’d expect all the shops to have them as Winters literally here. But I haven’t seen any amazing pairs yet. Just your usual at Topshop and these sexy leather and suede pair by Mila available online! and then suddenly I came across the most amazing bargain ever!!! Fantasy Shoes over the knee boots for £28.99! WTH! That price is a dream! But there legit! Check them out on ebay! I’m seconds away from ordering the off white pair!

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    October 8, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Funmi,i do read ur blog now and again but just a thought… ..why not focus on what africa has to offer in terms of fashion especially.We hv such talent all over africa but why do u fashion enthusiasts insist on giving us what the Western world has to offer????think affordability,accessibility…most people cant afford a pair of Louboutins or a Berkin bag…the culture in most of africa will not tolerate wearing such tiny denim shorts(as much as they r cute/sexy,truth be told,unless ur out clubbin or chillin at home lol).In my most humble opinion such are mostly for pple abroad and to get a wider more realistic audience,write about what Africa has in abundance.

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    October 11, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    I luv the first look on cici the denim the thigh high boot tee and the shirt she tied arnd her waist so hot! yes funmi focus on africa nd it’s fashionista like omotola mehn was expectn to see her pics of her movie premieres with u describn her dress

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