How do you fall in love with a song with out listening to it first? I’ll explain. You just need the name of the song and artistes on the song! Lol! Cos that’s exactly what has happened here! Didn’t even need to play it. In The Morning makes so much sense to me! Terry G’s crazy genius mixed with Iceprince’s sexy flow and punchlines. Very laid back song, but I love what and how Iceprince and Terry G touch on certain life lessons in this collabo. This song has a seat waiting for it in my easy listening playlist! Iceprince also dropped another single;  That Could Be Us. We’ve all seen the memes lol, but this is no joke, Iceprince paints a beautiful relationship and compares it to some of our favourite couples! Listen to both tracks here!

Iceprince – In The Morning ft. Terry G

Iceprince – That Could Be Us

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