Apart from being mad and having so much ginjah, Terry G is also a very hard worker.
I recently posted some pictures from Terry G’s video shoot for his new song “Sangalow”, well the Hitman himself has released some behind the scene footage from the video shoot.
The quality of the vids are poor, this is because our Terry insider was using their Blackberry lol.
These video’s where shot in his studio, which features amazing artwork in the background; paintings of himself and House Of Ginjah members.
But WOW! Check out the girl freeing her madness with Terry, she’s got some moves man!!! (no homo). Boy does Terry go in with his Bell aswell, Terry G is unreal – I love this dude!
I think the most important part of the video is the fact that Terry G himself is directing the video. Unknown to many Terry not just produces his music but directs and produces and directs alot of his own videos too.

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