So Nene Leakes got on my last nerve throughout the last season of reality show; Real Housewives Of Atlanta and I was so over her attitude! But attitudes aside for a moment! Nene Leakes debuted her clothing line; The Nene Leakes Collection on Home Shopping Network on Monday and sold out!!! Now I watched some snippets from her appearance on HSN and Nene worked it hunny! She showed us how to wear the clothes! She can be very funny and so pleasant when she chooses to be. I think its a huge reason why she sold out, that and to be honest her collection is HOT! Check it out below…


The collection as a whole is not that impressive and consists of a majority of casual pieces, but I think it’s a perfect introductory collection from Nene. The collection is Nene’s first and  is tailored around her, I think generally, she has great style and has given us a good insight into her fabulosity with this collection!


Nene set out to design a line that would not just fit all but suit all too. Which is another thing I love about this collection, I think it’s very clever how she has created pieces that look flattering on all types of shapes and sizes, like this kimono for instance. You cannot go wrong with either one of these colours.



The Nene Leakes collection is also cohesive which I think is very important; you can mix and match with a lot of pieces in this collection. If your a fan of Nene’s style you’ll know that she loves her grey. Was no surprise when I saw this combo, I love that she added extra glam with the gold sleeves; Fabulous together or separately!!


These our my fav pieces from the collection by the way! I love skirts of this length, adore them both. Noticed she had a lot of faux leather pieces, rightly so, leather is hot with everything!



More of my favs! These dark brown faux leather contrast pants; gorgeous with a casual blouse and this cardigan; so girl on the go, gorgeous with everything! 




I love that some pieces were inspired by some of the designers she loves and wears. Like this dress for instance, inspired by a Stella McCartney dress she hit the red carpet with! Not bad!!

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