Less is more! The best way I can describe Minimalism in a stylish sense! The modern day minimalist mixes materials but sticks to a  neutral palette and opts for a streamlined silhouette. The dictionary describes minimalism as; a style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect! In layman terms keeping it very basic and simple but playful with slick silhouettes. That’s my definition and I’m sticking to it lol! Check out these fashionista’s and there stand out minimal looks.


I’d love to start off with the Olsen twins, to me they exemplify minimalism. They have a way of making huge statements with their minimal looks. Although they dabble in accessories a lot, it’s never too much, never takes attention away from the outift and always compliments their looks.


Speaking of compliments I love how they compliment each other. Forget that their twins for a min lol! Theoretically, because they both opt for minimalism one would never out shine the other, their stylishly synchronized!

106 & Park

Solange is known for her bold use of colours and patterns but when she does minimalism she means business! She is not afraid to try risky fittings too, love her silhouette here!

Victoria Beckham 4

I read somewhere, someone describe Victoria Beckham’s style as a; “minimalist approach to femininity” WOW! Totally agree! Her style could not have been described any better!


Love her colour choices! She’s kept it minimal from day one! I think that’s what she meant by posh spice lol!


I don’t think overall Zoe Saldana’s style falls under the minimalist category, but she takes a minimalist approach to her looks, with minimal accessories and minimal make up. Surely that makes her a bit of a minimalist? lol


She scrubs up pretty well right?! I love looks like this on her, she is such a natural beaut, we really get a chance to appreciate it in looks like this.

Narciso Rodriguez - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

Jessica Alba to me is the “stylish girl next door”, her minimalist looks are showstopping!


Ciara got a nod from VOGUE as one of the style stars to look out for in 2014! I’m so certain that it’s down to her new minimal direction…


She has been so consistent with it in 2013, which makes her the one to look out for in 2014! She has a great glam squad behind her, but she gets major credit for executing every look flawlessly!


Olivia P! Just as fierce as the fictional Olivia Pope lol! No coincidence! Her minimalist looks seem effortless! She goes from one extreme to the other!!


I think Kanye has turned Kim Kardashian into a bit of a minimalist, she has toned it down a lot since they’ve been together.


Minimalism; lacking decoration or adornment; deliberately simple or basic in design or style.

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