Ordinarily you’d think that i’d be excited by this, but no i’m confused actually, very, disturbed infact. L’Officiel Hommes is a French Mens Fashion Magazinge. Very prestigious one at that, first magazine to be created by a stylist and not a journalist. So they invite Kimye to grace the covers and do a spread. The cover is raunchier than usual, borderline explicit. Which is not my issue, my issue is how is this fashion???
Shots like this I understand, I totally get. For one Kanye is not naked in this shot, so we can clearly see the fashion that is being advertised here. A very dark shot, considered artistic and all down to Nick Knight and his style of photography. Starting to question Kanye a lot these days, didn’t think his relationship with Kim would ever be an issue. I’m starting to see him as a gimic lately and less of a rapper. Is it just me?
This shot! Yeah I get it, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the sexiest couple in the world at the moment. (If not ever) Sex sells right? But is this the right direction for their relationship? Or Kim? is it really smart bringing back all the stigma from her infamous sextape? Smh

Don’t get me wrong, the pictures are beautiful. They look effortless and obvious that the chemistry is natural. Mens magazine, Kanye’s shoot, Kim is the accessory? Clever! 
I’m just questioning the message which is trying to be translated here. I understand that fashion is more than brands and clothes it can be a lifestyle, what lifestyle is being translated here tho….
Really really like these two shots. These are definite shots. This is Kanye.
Its almost an insight as to whats to come from Kimye, unisex perfumes, clothing and lingerie lines? *yawns* 

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    Bisi Olabode
    March 4, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    My dear Funmi, the first time I saw that magazine cover and subsequent times I’ve seen it, I get the same reaction. What the???

    No one intentionally resuscitates negative publicity concerning themselves, but it seems Kim and her family have a short memory, cos I do not see why no one stopped her from doing this!!

    The facial expression alone is so reminiscent of the video with Ray J!!! And then of course, Kanye’s back is to us. Why be a pawn? Cos she’s not the cover model, Kanye is!

    It is just unnecessary, I love Kim for rising above the bad publicity from the past and making something so huge of herself, but this in my books is epic fail!


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    Funmi Ogunja
    March 4, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    My EXACT sentiments lol! Like surely these points would of come up in a discussion.

    I am yet to come across anybody who appreciates this cover, very distasteful. Can only make you wonder what there justifications are for doing this….

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    March 6, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Kim and her family know exactly what they are about especially Kris and Kim.. First time, i saw this cover, i was less interested and i still am.. They are going to be parents soon. This is not the right way to go for their baby’s sake.. It’s like they are trying so hard to prove a point and honestly, it is getting quite boring and downright tacky. Kim had better start to think like a sensible woman and a mother..

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    March 10, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    hmm kim kim kim ms funmi i am reallysurprised that u r upset with ur girl this time.i think kim is just a fame whore and would do anything to stay in the news.i think she has moved from kris and is doing everything possible to please kanye.Am not against her posing in the mag but something really fashionable in his own shoe line designrd for her with high fashion would have made sense to me.once bad always seen bad in her mind its modelling but kris momager or khloe didnt tell her.i really hope that this one with kanye works else she *lips sealed*

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