I think individually and together there stronger than ever! If having a baby and getting engaged was not enough to convince you, then what says you of Kanye’s new video for Bound 2 which features his fiancee Kim Kardashian!

In my honest opinion putting my love for Kim and Kanye aside, the video starts off so beautiful! Beautiful scenery and visuals, then Kim and Kanye roll through on a motorbike; it’s sexy, works so well with the song. Then all of a sudden the road gets a lil bumpy, and then Kim, well Kim looks like she’s being… you know exactly what I’m hinting at LOL! I dunno, this will be misinterpreted as soft porn and then you have all the stigma from Kims sex tape, could get very messy! Which makes me question Kimye, surely they realized this, ¬†intentional? I dunno!

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