Its old news that Kanye has a thing for shoes! & Its pretty obvious that Kanye has a thing for women! You put the two together and you have Kanye collaborating with top designers and producing the sexiest shoes for ladies! The shoes above; a collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti! Debatable, but I love them! Think there outrageous and we all need at least one pair of outrageous shoes!
Kanye has collaborated with Giuseppe again with another outrageous pair of shoes he has named Cruel Summer after his new album! Omg! Like who does that? Who wakes up in the morning and decides there gonna link up with Giuseepe Zanotti later and design a pair of shoes for women after his album? Kanye.
Not all Kanye’s designs are outrageous! Some are very wearable, like these! I’m being very ironic here when I say wearable! As a shoe fanatic, I can tell a painful pair when I see one! These shoes look soo delicate, with hardly no platform or support! These will hurt! Cruel Shoes! I love them still! lol!

I had to!! It brought me to tears! LOL! The joys of photoshop!!!!

In Blue? Oh Yes pls! There¬†beautiful! Bet Kim’s got them! Kmt!

With Jeans!!! Damn! Too hard! Kanye is messing up my brain!!!

I would say Kanye, in general with his style is a minimalist! It reflects in his designs. This is a collaboration with designer Dion Lee. And guess what? I love them too! lol!

$6,000 tho?!!!!! Surely this must be the worlds most expensive pair of shoes? I must research this! Cos it’s bugging me! $6,000 on your feet! I mean if you can ‘easily’ afford it why not right?¬†

And people do actually buy them! There not just for Kim Kardashian! Check out my fellow fashion bloggers stunting in theirs! Check out the levels as a blogger lol! It’s either their very stupid or have stupid money!!!! I want to be stupid, either way lol!

At the same damn time! Kanye loves shoes so much he designed his own and hers! His and hers!

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    @FeistyIce_ (Freelance stylist)
    September 29, 2012 at 11:32 am

    Kanye def had kim in mind wen he designed dem shoes.. D 1st shoes wit d furs, is sooo kim.. I see d 2nd shoes on Beyonce and d 3rd shoes on Riri.. loool.. I love d 2nd shoes. Its white nd the wings r jst hawt! It luks like a bloody fairytale. Cruel summer, indeed!! loool

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