Hey Lovers! Now earlier on this year I said I would weigh in on a lot more controversial topic in the news. Topics that are dear to my heart that is! This particular one is! Now for those that don’t know who Iyanla is (like how do you not know? lol) lets clear that up first as it seems to be root of most of the controversy surrounding this TV Special.


According to some viewers and Karrueche’s manager who almost cancelled the show; Iyanla was too hard on Karrueche? First of all Iyanla is a life coach, author, inspirational speaker, minister and lawyer!! So she is more than qualified at this, but its her life experiences which she believes make her qualified for this, in her own words; she has been through it all! And if you have ever watched her “Fix My Life” series you’d know that this is what she does and how she does it! Pushes people out of their comfort zone, it’s the uncomfortable positions that she puts her guests in which allows her to dig deeper and uncover the real issues and hopefully find a solution!

So before I share my thoughts and opinions, for those that haven’t seen the full show here it is.

First off!! Chris Brown is the man in a very very very cynical way lol!! He has had two girls crying their eyes out and proclaiming their undying love for him on national TV! And one of them happens to be one of biggest artiste in the world!! Chris Brown must be putting it down right lol, or else I can’t think of what it could possibly be! Another thing I noticed is Ms Oprah Winfrey has had a stake in both controversial interviews; she personally interviewed Rihanna and broke it to the world that she was still very much in love with Chris Brown. And then Iyanla’s exclusive with Karrueche was aired on Winfrey’s OWN network…. interesting!


So my thoughts on Karrueche has not changed much. I still think she’s a sweetheart, but I still also feel there’s a lot more to her, I feel like she holds back a lot while trying to maintain her sweet, innocent persona. Iyanla touches on this too, even though she got her to own up to a lot of the emotions she so carefully locks away, I still feel Karrueche was being very careful and didn’t express even close to half of what she is truly feeling.


I think Karrueche is extremely courageous too! One; for doing the show in the first place, pretty sure she did her research on Iyanla and knew it would be hard!!! Two; it’s clear that she really loves Chris Brown and honestly she has taken a lot! A lot more than I personally could take (the Christmas day revelation would have been it for me!! Talkless of getting another woman pregnant) from anyone! She totally handled everything with a lot of dignity! Contrary to what it looks like Kae is a strong woman, she just doesn’t realize it yet! I respect her most for how she handles the public humiliation and the social negativity that comes along with it! Even though she was being crucified on social networks for going back to Chris after all he had done, she was classy about it I believe. She tried to be discreet as she could, she also didn’t discredit Chris on the show which is very admirable too!


I personally wish Kae all the best in the future, I hope she makes the best out of a bad situation. I would advise her to stay single for a while and focus on her career! She has the potential to do great in the modelling, fashion and movie world! Shes beautiful and has great style! I hope she remains classy and doesn’t stoop so low as to a “tell all book” or “ratchet reality TV”! She is so much bigger than that!


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  • Reply
    March 30, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    She’s holding back and making excuses for him too. She really really really love that guy. Hopefully he’ll become a better person.

    • Reply
      Funmi Ogunja
      March 31, 2015 at 12:22 pm

      Like she really really really really loves Chris! Hopefully he becomes a better person for Kae… someday. Him focusing on his daughter and being a great dad might just help.

  • Reply
    March 30, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    Funmi u took the words right outta my mouth,kae should ve had d thought of a love child springing up on her at the back of her mind tho,very brave and courageous just as u said and i will never judge her for her actions and if she decides to go back to breezy i wouldn’t blame her.

    • Reply
      Funmi Ogunja
      March 31, 2015 at 12:23 pm

      Yep! Shes a brave woman, deserves to be happy!

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